Granby Pack


We literally know everything about the hard shocks transport can inflict. This is often a tough business – often worsened by harsh weather and climatic conditions along the way. We have extensive expertise in manufacturing packaging solutions for your individual needs ensuring maximum protection of your goods based on the idea that if something is worth transporting from one place to another, it’s worth transporting safely. Export packaging must be easy to handle, reasonably priced and, first and foremost, secure.

There are many factors to take account of when sending your goods:


Storage costs/Storage capacity

Freight costs

Insurance costs

- and many more!

Our expertise and advice for more than 50 years has led many export companies to use our products.

We look forward to developing a packaging solution for you!


Additionally Granby Pack offers other packaging products you may need when deciding a safe and economic transport for your goods.

Please contact us and we will find the optimal packaging solution thus your goods will arrive safely.