Plywood boxes

Plywood boxes are boxes made of high-quality plywood

Granby Pack has chosen plywood in our wooden packaging since plywood is known for a light, strong and dimensional stabile sheet material and its high protection ability against breaking strength.

What is plywood?

Plywood is a unique material.

Plywood is a sheet material manufactured of several thin layers of wood veneer sheets glued together. It is one of the most common wooden products. Plywood is very flexible, reusable and very usable material for storage. Another big advantage is that wooden packaging in plywood often is manufactured in local firms and companies. Plywood is used instead of common wood because of its high resistance against crack formation, shrinkage and other malformation and owing to its impressive strength.

The layers of wood veneer are glued together, usually with the grains of adjoining layers arranged at right angles to each other to form a composite material. This method strengthens the material compared with common wood – the strength is consistent in both directions. No “weak”points.

Owing an odd number of crossing layers the sheet material is balanced and reduces warping.

Granby Box – One of our completely own plywood boxes

An object as our box must be of a particular quality, before you name a company after it, however, the Granby Box lives up to the name without a doubt.

The box is as mentioned made of plywood and suitable for all form of goods – inclusive dangerous goods within the area ”small packaging”. We manufacture the box in several standard dimensions which can stand up many traditional transport tasks, however, we also manufacture customized boxes. The body and lid of the box are available in 4 mm, 6 mm or 8 mm plywood.

If you need a company logo or ISO-symbols on the boxes, we also can manage this. You can even chose between several printing inks to support the branding of your company.