Desiccant absorbs moisture during transport or storage.

Desiccant must be placed in an airtight system to protect the product against moisture and condensation by variation of temperature. If not, the air will continue to circulate around the product and desiccant bags will not have the desired effect.

Properly sealed barrier foil/aluminium compound foil prevents air circulation around your product.                          

Bentonite desiccant: 

  • Natural product
  • Chemical inactive and non-toxic
  • Remains dry by max. absorption of moisture
  • Easy disposal

Granby Pack delivers desiccant in various sizes of desiccant bags and advises you on size and quantity for your transport or storage need. All depending on the size of product and how long (days/months/years) the product is in transit or storage.


Perfect, shockproof, air- and watertight packaging for storage of desiccant.