The distinctive 8-angular label is to place directly on the outer packaging. Thus the freight forwarder and others handling your product are warned of that the consignment requires a careful handling and not least that anyone can see at the Shockwatch label if the consignment has not been handled carefully. The Shockwatch label is available in several G-forces (sensitivities). Please contact Granby Pack if you need guidance.

Shockwatch requires attention
Does a box labelled „Careful`` really achieve special treatment? Shockwatch is more than just a passive warning. The Shockwatch label is not to ignore because it reveals mishandling, immediately - with Shockwatch the freight forwarder has the burden of proof.


How does Shockwatch works? 

Shockwatch is an impact indicator reacting to impacts and mishandling of sensitive, fragile or calibrated products during transportation. Non-mechanical and non-magnetic.
Shockwatch is composed of a miniature-glass tube with liquid in a self-adhesive label. If a box with a Shockwatch label is dropped or handled roughly the Shockwatch will react immediately. The liquid in the tube will turn colour from clear to bright- red. Thus there is an indisputable evidence of mishandling – the box has been exposed to impact.

Shockwatch Indikator - nicht ausgelöst Shockwatch Indikator - ausgelöst

Shockwatch Companion Label – An Optimal Solution!
Shockwatch companion labels used in conjunction with Shockwatch labels may because of the visibility on the outer packaging of the consignment reduce the loss of action for damages and ensure that your customers follow an accurate procedure of receipt. You also send a signal of quality to your customers when using the companion label together with the Shockwatch label.

Shockwatch Label L65 mit Warnaufkleber 3-sprachig (deutsch, englisch, französisch) zur deutlichen Kenntlichmachung der installierten Transportüberwachung an der Außenverpackung

By using Shockwatch companion label your customers will know exactly, what to do if Shockwatch is activated and thus indicates a mishandling of handling instructions for the box:

• Accept of consignment
• Note on consignment note/receipt whether the Shockwatch indicator is activated (red) or the indicator is missing. Ask for receipt on this
• Inspect for damage on outer packaging
• Inform the freight forwarder