Shockwatch 2

Mechanically-activated impact indicator usable for many purposes and for load up to 14 tonne.

As supplement to the existing Shockwatch label, Shockwatch 2 affords a number of advantages compared with the first edition.

Now available in a 5g version. Thus the standardized Shockwatch monitoring of consignments with weight up to 14 tonne is now possible.

An additional advantage is the activation of the indicator itself. Compared with Shockwatch label, which always is ”activated", you activate Shockwatch 2 yourself. Shockwatch 2 is self-adhesive and will be activated when removing the protection foil at the reverse side and afterwards placing Shockwatch2 at the consignment. This makes a simple transport/dispatch to the end-recipient possible and a simple handling of the indicator.

Shockwatch 2 indicator responds primarily to bi-directional impact (vertical axis). Shockwatch 2 responds/turns into bright-red colour, when the impact angle area is between 45° and 90° from the floor. Both indicator windows have to point upwards and downwards, respectively.

The individual number as on the Shockwatch label ensures that the indicator is not switched with an equivalent indicator thus preventing manipulation. We recommend that you supply the forwarding/shipping documents with the individual number.

You also receive a companion label for Shockwatch 2 in three languages (English, French and German) in A4 or A5 formats, as for the Shockwatch label. Thus the indicator is clearly visible on the consignment and all parties who are involved in transport of your products and your customers exactly know, what to do if Shockwatch 2 is activated and  reveals a roughly handling of the box. You also send a signal of quality to your customers when using the companion label together with Shockwatch 2.

Interpretation of Shockwatch 2:

When placing Shockwatch 2 indicator as above, it will respond by vertical impact. The colour in the window will turn into bright-red in the direction from where the impact has occured.
Bottom window is red = Impact from below
Upper window is red = Impact from above

Same procedure of receipt when using Shockwatch label or Shockwatch 2 version:
• Accept of consignment
• Note on consignment note/receipt whether the Shockwatch indicator is activated (red) or the indicator is missing. Ask for receipt on this
• Inspect for damage on outer packaging
• Inform the freight forwarder